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Runescape: Game Jam 2018

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The RuneScape Game Jam - Bringing Your opinions to Life!

This weekend marks the second RuneScape Game Jam and we want you all to be involved!

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Last year’s Game Jam produced updates including the Luck Rework, which brought you the Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere’s Signet Engagement ring, The Buff Bar Update, which added a plenty of buffs to the bar in addition to separating out negative buffs, and tidied up the actual Lumbridge Crater.

This year we wish to go even bigger and in some cases better. Over 30 JMods have registered to take part in addition to create impactful updates influenced by or, in some cases, taken directly from your suggestions for the forums, Reddit and Twitter. Some designs include creating more Alchemical Onyx products, quests from Mods Osborne in addition to Raven, plus something extra unique from Mod Mark himself.

If you want for getting involved, head to our standard RuneScape Discord or adhere to our J-Mods and hashtag #RSGameJam on Twitter to talk about projects, work with JMods in ideas, and see your suggestions become more active.

Once the weekend has expired, we’ll present all from the amazing work that we’ve completed by using a special Game Jam Content material Showcase at 4pm BST about Thursday 19th April on twitch. tv/RuneScape.

So, get your thinking hats on as well as your jam jars ready, we’re going to be making a fantastic RuneScape development sandwich this weekend - view you there!

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