Beta Server Releases

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    Beta server is now release, make sure to restart your client or redownload it directly from


    Please be patient, ill post a change log of everything that i've done so far soon.

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    Old-School beta relase date

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    Hi guys, I will be releasing the beta server sometime tomorrow (Saturday) 4/22/2017. Hope to see you all around for testing and suggestions.

    You will be able to use the same account name and password as you have right now.

    Thanks a see you soon.

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    New update coming soon

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    Cool Text - Old School 240827058262625.png

    Hey guys, recently, I've been thinking about ways to make the server more enjoyable for all the players that still play and care about the server. 

    The idea is to make an old-school server without all the new-revision items such as pvp armour (vesta, torva, etc) and go back to the old good times where rune and dragon armours were among the bests.  I'm still not 100% sure of what i'll do yet, there might be some big changes with the prices and which items will be spawnable and which will cost pk tickets. I've been working on a preset interface (picture below) that will make it easy for players to head straight into pk within seconds.


    I will release a new client soon (you won't have to download anything, the client you already have will auto-update) which will let you connect to server you're now playing along with a beta server which will be used to test this new idea. In this beta phase, ill be taking everything suggestion you might have to make the server more enjoyable. If players like the idea and would like to keep it, I might wipe the whole server and start everything fresh with the new system. This might be a big step but like I said, I don't have this figured out 100% just yet. And if we ever go this route, I plan on paying for paid advertising and emailing every forum member from our forum tolet them know about this to bring in more players and make the server grow up again.


    I didn't want to write about this anytime soon but I just felt like I needed you to know what's going on.


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