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  1. RIP

    Havent logged for a year, come back and see me as the only one logged, truely gone lel
  2. somone help

    Firewall could be blocking it. Aka. talking out my arsehole
  3. no mm ranks -staff

    That's because every cunt who was worth something, was ranked and actually made a commitment to the sever (unlike the owner) has quit. Me being one of them. Enjoy ya dead server
  4. no mm ranks -staff

    Nty me mm rank only 1 xxx
  5. Slimey pls

  6. "Does worse things to me when he's drunk" oooo Limey, wyd boo?? (;
  7. 5th pk vid...

    looks like you exported it as a really odd resolution, hence the black bars and the stretchy look the video has Other than that i enjoyed it, good shit my man <3
  8. Dead?

    More the merrier
  9. Im Bawsy;ban READ THIS MO

    Yea u dip of a sht!!!
  10. Download the latest version of java, if you use a desktop get the 64-bit version, if using a laptop or low end PC, use 32-bit version download the jar version from the downloads tab, this way you don't have to extract anything. install the java installer, then when it's done, run the clientlauncher. if that doesn't work then idk what else it could be
  11. 4 months mo

    Would be nice if he would let his minimal player base know tho
  12. 4 months mo

    bruh, its been 4 months since you even posted on a thread or even put out any sort of update. wonder why me and everyone else who was actually an asset to this server has left. edit: 1 month since you've even logged onto forums
  13. Bye

    Another one 🔑
  14. Pkfast.t

    One of the reasons why I quit :^)