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  1. can some1 help me ?

    ive lost my password from my account on client.... can some1 help me how to get it back lol thanks ppls
  2. can some1 help me ?

    I couldnt not open the client for a long time... now i can open the client again... but ive forgot my password lol... how i can get it back ? thanks ppls
  3. Lost my password

    Please can any1 help me what to do i lost my password
  4. forgot pass lol

    forgot my pass and i email owner already how long it takes before he anwser?
  5. yes ive got java on my pc other servers works and if i made a .bat it wont start ...
  6. help me with the client

    when i try to open clientlauncher it says :: couldnt not load or find class or something
  7. cant open client .jar or .zip

    it will gives error : could not load of find
  8. cant open client .jar or .zip

    if i open the clientlaunher it will open a black screen it says : could not find or load class or something any can help me with using teamvieuwer or something elsE?
  9. this is what there stands i keep clicking open it then makes a screenshop of it :: Error coulndt not find or load main class some1 know more to help me ?
  10. then a little screen coming and goes away ...
  11. when i download use winrar and i see mainfest i open it and see little black sceen then it go down and nothing happens
  12. i downloaded the client jar and zip and both wont work .... can some1 help me