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  1. Beta Server Releases

    so how much longer are we gonna be waiting and i have several people saying that they are playing it, idk if this is a scam on their part....
  2. legitimate suggestions, read.

    for sure need to have this happen would help the game 100% and help new players and old great suggestions brotha
  3. callofduty hacked

    amazing thing happened o.0 it works again.... l0l0l ^
  4. callofduty hacked

    My account has been hacked so if you see him online without me saying some odd stuff etc friends you know what i mean, but for the others warn them till im able to find a way to get it un hacked, sorry guys thought i was doing everyone a favour but the two that are behind this are (new spawn) and (im not ssure the name of the other but... its cassandra or cassy / cassandrabby , if you would hate to ask but can you guys send mo emails to try and help me... i cant stand a scammer using my name and i figure itsmods has something to do with it since he made all the fake accounts that scammed you my friends, but no matter what don't use me to mm till we talk first and make it where you know who i am, thanks pkfast community. In the future be real careful until this straightened up but would you help me send mo emails about this problem
  5. muted sloom ball

    well you did kinda scam in a mm fight i was doing, with 3 other ranked mm's there and a mod, so i think you got what you deserved, and they couldnt do anything because you logged like a little b####. ban for you if you ask me.Then when you did get jailed you flamed flamed flamed etc, till everyone was annoyed made fake accs dd'd my fight, others fights and cussed the mod so gtfo of here its gd what 200pkt high balling th fk out of it close this stupid thread,""""" tazmainian"""""needs to be banned.
  6. They have spammed, mostly all night and about 3 others including skorm, this O000000000 guy, and wrong turn, i mean we give stuff out but it comes to a point where they start dding your fights if you don't give em anything, limey ban the stupid fks or jail them
  7. pkfast pkers over the years.

    cassy send me proof on here or through email and ill post your statement or appeal for the hack, like lewtations said need your full name dont say it here okay? send me a pm and ill work something out
  8. I got scammed

  9. I got scammed

    The scam took place the entire time, except when i mm'd you lost all matches but the last fair and square but no matter what it was rigged, at 10:10 i was trying to get psychic star to talk to me while rush h3r was traded to zerou a few times, you even see where i said i thought so which meant dang these two haven't scammed him yet because hes lost but they will and before i can pm him it happened, this scamming shit needs to stop, and wasn't a real mm zerou so its gonna be @L ii m e y 's call and myself i think psychic star and rush h3r should be banned and honestly since it was rigged the entire time, your stuff back, even though you lost, if not then when you won. Problem is there wasn't a real MM on at the time so you may just be screwed, but rush h3r go fk yourself scamming dumb trash, gl i guess zerou you'll need it.
  10. changa logic when he says pked ur claws cu "1909-0" here you go

    changa is cancer, he said the same thing to me multiple times then continued to rage for about 2 hours
  11. scammed at duel

    we agreed on 900 and 3 party hats but at last minute he changed to 90 and didn't see it, this scum. "Goochslayer" most likely an alt account i say keep MM's and do away with duel arena.. video of being scammed.mp4
  12. Donator

    respected donator rank on forums green
  13. respected donor rank

  14. color of name/callofduty

    i had dark green last night and logged on this morning and it was this lame lime color, can you fix this mo, i dont like the color lime i cant even read my own name unless i squint my eyes #plzdarkgreenagain or just green
  15. respected donor rank