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  1. Jornskills scams 52k

    jorn scam? wtf how this imposible?
  2. limey teled me to wild

    hes still mod!
  3. limey teled me to wild

  4. limey teled me to wild

    whats wrong u limey? this is 2nd time u teled me first time for dmc and 90k now for fking 20k, @lewtationz @Pk Fast do u gonna do something?
  5. limey teled me to wild

    he killed me with blandsaft or what the name
  6. limey teled me to wild

    idiot me mask and wings @lewtationz ?
  7. limey teled me to wild

    saying limey demoted? and mo change hes pass?
  8. Sorry guys

    @L ii m e y demoted?
  9. Sorry guys

    @lewtationz back please, @L ii m e y dont quit mate
  10. no mm ranks -staff

    aus, back please
  11. I got scammed

    finally some one kids its not me, next time use trust mm. like callofduty, dont use random
  12. unjail appeal :D

    okey thanks u man, lov u @L ii m e y
  13. unjail appeal :D

    username-Heroina staff who jailed/banned/muted-jailed. limey time when jailed-2-3month why should be unjailed- i wont do it again i really sorry @L ii m e y another info- @L ii m e y ye "i wont do it" i say so many time's sorry limey cuz i waste ur time with me but now im really sorry for real i stop scam just please unjail me main " heroina" and if u see any scam or what then perm jail me ik i have so much haters here but im not bad cuz if i scamming some one then i was mad cuz some one scammed me and than i start me scam but now i wont do it again sorry limey Thanks for reading @L ii m e y

  15. Banned