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  1. Help downloading
  2. staff (important)

  3. I got scammed

    rush h3r aka psychic star aka alrammelder = enclose
  4. delete the cache ( go to local c: ^& users ) u'll see something called like ''pk.'' or '' pkfast'' delete them then redownload the client
  5. proof for garag3 i lagged

    watch at 4:26 clicked on the brew over 30 times
  6. killerp0wnz scammed 24k

  7. proof for karmagff i lagged.

    he said its not a lagg lmfao
  8. proof for karmagff i lagged.

    no he didnt giveback.
  9. got scammed by i quit nah

    the vid doesn't work black screen.
  10. dzone isdone 1st pk vid

  11. dzone isdone 1st pk vid

    yeah scammer u scammed me virtus pernix and 5k fukin retard log in and clean me.. ur alt is jailed cunt
  12. scamming by life4weed

    damian i'll send u it on skype idfk why its closed here.
  13. dzone isdone 1st pk vid

    sure scammer