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  1. Laged i paid when i log

  2. scammed 30 k on vid

    close i dont have scammed rolf u are dumb i go 600 k
  3. Tony Muted me for no reason. Or3z

    u scammed on vid lol
  4. wtr

    i have reason
  5. lol stupid

    i dont care if people dont like me i have a job thanks
  6. Tony mod abuse 2

    ur another name acc is what ? tell me
  7. Tony mod abuse 2

    LOG IN
  8. Tony mod abuse 2

  9. Tony mod abuse 2

    i give last chance u know that
  10. Tony mod abuse 2

    momo jail u u are a scammer and u tell to yell buy rank or bullshitt and u offensive language to yell and spwm yell x10 time 1 week mute for that dont comment again
  11. Tony mod abuse 2

    momo jail ur acc . i have video to u u offensive language so dont cry
  12. Tony mod abuse 2

    lol u are a scammer momo jail ur acc for a reason and i have video u tell me bullshitt and spam server to yell on vid cu later
  13. this is for zeuamok

    u have unjail thunderyetie again to acc escargo i talk to momo . and he give bank to help him butt momo ban him = try again pls if u gonna unjail thunder again i send vid to momo to do that
  14. l00l

    and mo if u want my vid pm me pease