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  1. staff (important)

    Should be a r rank for reeeeeeee
  2. staff (important)

    Might as well make everyone mod since there’s what 5 players LOL u little undeveloped pakis
  3. staff (important)

    R e a l w o r l d t r a d e r
  4. probably not worth my time

  5. Beta Server Releases

    There is no beta u retard lmao this useless Fucking Pakistanian idiot hasn’t even updated his wide spread unibrow how the fuck You think he’s Gunna do something with his server , only thing that’s left is 7 kids that all make alts and pretend they’re new , servers been trash since 2015.
  6. callofduty hacked

    You’re still playing LOOOOOOL
  7. Unban

    Owner looks like an ant eating Muslim feminist faggot autistic Allah slave
  8. Unban

    Banned for being an active player and you’re not a brown useless stanky ass paki like the inbred Mohammed and mahmod community left , fuck this server bruh find a new one
  9. Password lost

    Server is shit has 8 players , don’t even waste your time bro lmao
  10. muted sloom ball

    Wasn't me dumped all t items for 07, and quit this shit lmao , sold the account too. Bye paki fast
  11. Jornskills scams 52k

    Learn some English , you fucking Paki. Still the same old faggot you were when you joined. God only hopes you find a thick rope and a beautiful colourful chair for your downy ass
  12. Alarmmelder scamming 6k pot

    Denied fat paki
  13. For lewtationz

  14. For lewtationz

    @C00l Bank m8