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  1. Unban

    Username: Blake/Not Yeti Punishment : Banned Reasoning : None given Who did this to you : imomo Didn't break any rules or RWT... you can check any of my accounts (not like you will) inb4 nerds post on this
  2. Jornskills scams 52k

    Crying irl cause you don't have mod
  3. Jornskills scams 52k

    Don't really care about the pot just don't think he needs MM rank. This guy wanted mod as well?
  4. Dont Try Pk scams 5k tix

    bump. just scammed another 10k. toss heroina in jail pls
  5. Blake scamming 20k

    I'll still get jailed for paying the pot? I wish you were still pc jailed lololol youre cancer to this server.
  6. Blake scamming 20k

    Funny thing is he would of lost anyways. Ill pay it when I see him online so he gets off my D. Kids an absolute freak
  7. Blake scamming 20k

  8. Blake scamming 20k

    @L ii m e y
  9. limey teled me to wild

    You scammed for your bank? No support -1
  10. Slimey pls

    bump. appeal next update?
  11. I got scammed

    Wow he actually did his job for one
  12. Slimey pls

    limey pay your butt buddy 20k out of the 200k you owe me and unjail me fat slob
  13. Limey kills pk fast

    Update: Scammed by a moderator (again) and jailed/muted in the same hour for not refunding his butt bud. Don't play this server
  14. Don’t waste your time on this server
  15. Limey kills pk fast

    Like I said... Old man thirsty for pixels that's just trying to defend himself. Done posting here you're mentally disabled.