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  1. staff (important)

    Na, gimme admin so I have some authority over the fellow paki's.

  3. probably not worth my time

    He stole my acc 'test' and claimed it as his own, ks amk!
  4. can 1 help me

  5. can 1 help me

    I can get you out, pm me. Going to charge you $10 for making me lose brain cells reading what you said though.
  6. legitimate suggestions, read.

    Seek help here:
  7. callofduty hacked

  8. Unban

  9. Pandora rings 2017 line

    Same bro.
  10. somone help

  11. I got scammed

    Rush h3r is Liwa2014 lol
  12. I got scammed

    @L ii m e y Scam takes place @ 12:53, most important part lmao.
  13. He said he's seeing the manifest file. Which is the shit you get when you extract the jar, nothing to do with cache. Solution 1: Right click the client and click 'open with', then click Java(TM) Platform SE Binary. (Make sure you're right clicking ClientLauncher.jar). Solution 2: Drag the 'ClientLauncher.jar' to your desktop. Open notepad, copy and paste this: @echo off title PkFast C:\Users\Me\Desktop\ClientLauncher.jar exit Click 'save as', and name it run.bat (Obviously, you're going to have to change the pathway, 'me' would be your name on your pc profile).
  14. Limey kills pk fast

    Can't kill something that's already dead.