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  1. server dead?

    is this server officially dead??? so yes any suggestions for good rsps???
  2. I got scammed

    retarded cass evety1 throwing in my name i didnt even play at this time
  3. I got scammed

    fkn cunt dont just throw my name in
  4. giveaway

    for tomorrow 02-03-2018
  5. giveaway

    with 20+ online there will be a giveaway no multilogging for dem (pakis) and i wanna see people pking and all bye.
  6. staff (important)

  7. staff (important)

    i know that the server isnt what is was like before but there is still scamming and bs goin on and there isnt really staff to solve it. isaac logged in like a few days ago but there isnt any active staff member atm. and i suggest that kieran and nick. (Z) and (652169) will be promoted to mod . atleast 1 of them because they have played this game for a long time and are trusted by the people that still play the game and they are active. i hope that this can happen. greetings.
  8. Alarmmelder scamming 6k pot

    basil dont be a d1ck now i dced and even showed vid l0l you just posting half of the vid cuz you want items back because youre cleaned? nice try tho
  9. kinda back i guess

    well havent played in like a year or so i will probably be more active and well yeah lets try to get pkfast running again hehe |:D