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  1. Weekly best kill(s) (Inspired by limey)

    Disqualified fuck outta here bitch.
  2. the struggle with staff's

    Been an issue for a while
  3. read emails

    Lmao two weeks dry of an email back , but he'll unjail some random aha
  4. Server down ?

    Dced can't log in ???????
  5. cancer server?

    Changa doesn't have 150k ? Lmao are you just as challenged as he is... he stands around barraging people for hours , flames , doesn't even pk. He's legit cancerous to this server in my opinion needs to hop off before i slap him around

    To bad there isn't any active staff.
  7. Any video cutter?

    Redtube for edits
  8. Monthly Give Aways.

    Can't move on till u sale me whip kid sad
  9. Monthly Give Aways.

    From September 1st - October 1st , winner will be chosen October first if anyone even uploads lmao ,
  10. Monthly Give Aways.

    Has to be a recent video just post one from this week or today aha just win it clearly nobody else wants to.
  11. Monthly Give Aways.

    Bump bump
  12. Weekly best kill(s) (Inspired by limey)

    You just talk complete shit lmao , ever since you seen a few people bashing the server you joined in on it . You're nothing but a follower , how do you expect anything to get better when all your stupid comments are all over forums aha , yeah great advertising bro thanks for that one. Stay retarded
  13. Monthly Give Aways.

    Bump guys , let's see who wants it the most.
  14. Monthly Give Aways.

    Thanks mo.
  15. Monthly Give Aways.

    Money is and will never be an issue for me , thought I'd give people a chance to get some their self , doing this no matter negative or positive feedback.