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  1. PkFast

    March 17 updates

    - Added vote (::vote then ::reward), reward is 10-50 pkt - PVM rare drop loot increased by 50% for all NPC, enjoy for a limited time. - Added all donation item on shop page - Increased shop sell back price to 50% instead of 40% - ::max command now display spec max hit (activate prayer and pot for those) - Removed chat filter - Added Item inventory grid (can be turned on and off from options) - Removed "Examine" option from NPC right click - Removed "Examine" option from Objects right click - Removed "Examine" option from Items right click - x10 hits is now turned off by default (can be turned on and off from options) - Dh back to 10pkt / piece - Nerfed wildy boss max hit from 350 to 280 - Fixed a bug with karambwan registering 2 times.
  2. PkFast

    March 11 Updates

    Yea I noticed it was too OP, ill nerf it a bit next update
  3. PkFast

    March 11 Updates

    - Fixed Gmaul for good - Restored gmaul str bonus from 5 to 79 - Fixed a bug with ranging when switching to melee - Colored whips now have increased stats compared to normal whip - Fixed d scimi max hit - Increased AGS spec accuracy by 30% and damage by 15% - Dds now has 10 extra str bonus - Fixed godwars teleport not working. - Fixed Client glitchy scrolling (please restart client to update it) - Fixed a bug where range max hit wasn't taking into consideration rng bonus on NPC (should now hit higher) - Added Spectral Spirit Shield to pk shop for 100 pkt. - Removed SOL spec for good - Fixed hourly pk reward message displaying wrong pkt amount - New Pk Shop prices
  4. PkFast

    What the legitimate fuck are you doing?

    @vesprino Need you ingame for the gmaul thing, been testing and couldn't replicate the bug
  5. PkFast

    What the legitimate fuck are you doing?

    Working on this. Edit: Can't make CLS 100 pkt because it's as good as the vls
  6. PkFast

    no way lol

    It has 3.5k HP to be exact, and multiple players can attack it.
  7. PkFast

    March 10 updates

    Mb, you're right
  8. PkFast

    March 10 updates

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on a lot of updates but I wanted to release this as soon as possible because so many have been asking me about it. More updates are coming so please stay tuned. Added Pk Fast Archer NPC in deep wildy (lvl 40) (can teleport via Boss tele) Drop table (loot) - Hourly rewards increased to 1st. 75pkt, 2nd. 50pkt and 3rd. 30pkt. Will increase more in future. - Amulet of glory will work up to level 30 Wilderness (good for deep wildy pvm) - Client Update: Can zoom in/out using mouse wheel (must restart client) - Remove Fire Cape from pk shop (only obtainable via PVM or JAD) - Fixed being able to still use SOL spec. - :: brunes changes magebook to anc. - :: veng changes to lunar automatically. - Added ::resetkdr command which let's you reset it for 100 Pkt - Removed champions from home
  9. PkFast


    Yea, reward for completing the inferno
  10. PkFast


    more pics
  11. PkFast


    Another one (dj khalid voice)
  12. PkFast


  13. PkFast

    Need your opinion

    Hey, I'm currently working on a new NPC in deep wild (lvl 39) and I wanted to know if you have any suggestions on what the loot table should be. Npc will have a lot of health, it will be attacking using ranged and magic. Open to all suggestions.
  14. PkFast

    Suggestion list v2

    Abby demons are pretty good atm, I don't want the eco filled with whips. I'm working on new NPC in deep wild
  15. PkFast

    What the legitimate fuck are you doing?

    What do people think about these suggestion? I want more input.

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