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  1. vesprino

    Good throwback tbh

    Still the big memeR
  2. vesprino

    Pk Event - March 18th 5:40pm EST

    sounds like a decent idea I won't lie
  3. vesprino

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

    Still should be looked at. This will probably also be the last one I post.
  4. vesprino


    What are you referring to? The spectral? The spectral has uses, not everyone dh pks and if you add more variety it gives better reason to try out different items.
  5. vesprino


    Spectral has no effect but has the correct bonuses I'm fine with no effects, the effects are cancerous anyway.
  6. vesprino


    Keep the spectral in the shop. It is a viable PvP item and shouldn't be extremely rare. Accuracy is inconsistent on the server and should be looked at at another point. Ddef is useless because of the dfs spec. Range is fine, it doesn't need a nerf, again it's underpowered compared to pre-eoc Pvm changes sound good though
  7. vesprino


    No it isn't, you have to lure it north and blood barrage it using karils with a freeze every 20 seconds, enjoy not eating
  8. vesprino


    No it isn't, how else do you think we semi afked it
  9. vesprino


    billy m9
  10. vesprino


    void mage works, but is very underpowred, same way as on RS. nobody uses it on mains because it's just bad. void melee is actually good but there's better void range is only OP because it doesn't have anything like vesta to top it dh needs fixing tho forreal
  11. vesprino

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

    I can't edit the other posts so fk it PK Shops------- Make barrows 10 Pkt a piece again, 30 is too much for new players, debate this DDS should be 10 PKT, or give the Red dragon dagger 10 strength and make it spawnable. Make the normal whip 60 pkt. Make the saradomin sword 25 pkt. Make vesta pieces/stat body 150 pkt again. Imbued rings - make them all 20, no 35 or 15s. Bandos - 75 pkt a piece, give the boots 5 strength, a reason to use them over the dragon boots. Armadyl - 50 pkt a piece Fury - Make it 20pkt Primal battleaxe - Make it 200pkt Dark bow - Make it 20pkt. it's not very good now. Coloured dark bows - Make them 60pkt. Give them 5 more range bonus and their specials should do 10% more damage then the normal dark bow. PvM drops------- Add the blood necklace to the drop table of TDS, giving it a unique drop Make the new boss drop a unique cosmetic item as a rare, such as a blue dragon mask (or something like that) Monster changes------- The new boss is fun, and I think the Hp is fine for what it is. You can do it taking no damage with skill so all is good. There is an issue though. You cannot pk around this area, his attack range is too high. Lower it to 8-10 spaces and make it so if you're not attacking him he doesn't hit you as high (random 300-400 hits make fighting here impossible) Weapons to add to the PKP shop------- Primal longsword, for 600pkt. Give it 125 slash and 135 strength, but no special attack. Primal maul, for 1000pkt. Don't change the stats. Zaryte bow, for 4000pkt. Give it 135 range bonus and let it fire dragon arrows at magic shortbow speed. Could have a spec that does 10% more damage for 30% spec or something. Nothing huge. Celestial catalytic staff, for 2000pkt. This server doesn't have any huge magic weapons, so I want to suggest one. Give it 25% magic damage and 25 magic bonus. Keep everything else the same, and give it a high protection value. Sagittarian longbow, for 3000pkt. This weapon should be able to hit around 600-650 in void with eagle eye, but should fire around the same speed as the dark bow. It should not have a special attack. Give it 145 range bonus. Celestial surgebox, for 2000pkt. This offhand item should have 22 magic bonus, and could provide blood, death, soul and chaos runes for magic spells. Items to change------- The eagle eye kiteshield, give it +12 range attack bonus. +4 is pathetic when the unholy book has +8 Give the farseer 15 magic defence and +5% magic damage, making it compete better with the arcane. Grounding boots. I love these, but they need to change. Give them 5 magic defence instead of 30. Infinity gloves. Give them 8 magic bonus, giving a reason to use them over barrows gloves for mage. Kitchen knife. Bring this old boy back. Give it 10 strength bonus though, no more. I'd understand if people didn't want it back though. AGS. 15% damage boost was too much. Lower it by 10% from what it is now, and it should be excellent. The accuracy buff is very noticeable and is fine. If it is going to cost 200PKT, it should be very good. BGS. Make the spec cost 50% special, and give it a 10% accuracy boost. Don't change the damage. SWH. Make the special drain defence like it did pre-eoc, and give the spec a 10% damage boost. Lower the crush bonus by 10 though. VLS. Make the spec do 15% more damage, if it doesn't already boost damage V Spear. Make the spec do 10% more damage if it doesn't already boost damage. Morrigans throwing axe. They are fun, but lower the spec damage by 20%. It's too much Hand cannon. Flat 10% damage buff and give it 105 range bonus. I don't think it needs it, but everyone says it's underwhelming. Korasi. 50% accuracy buff to the special. Experiment with this and if it's too much just lower it again. Again, I don't think we need it but if everyone thinks it's underwhelming then sure. Don't touch the damage
  12. vesprino


    You can take almost 0 damage if you're not an idiot
  13. vesprino

    What the legitimate fuck are you doing?

    No it isn't, unless you nerfed the VLS Edit: Yeah, you nerfed the VLS. Give it 110 strength. Give the spec an actual 20% damage boost. What stats did you give the P rapier? Give the primal long 135 strength and 125 slash P rapier - give it 105 strength (-4) but give it 99 stab bonus @PkFast
  14. vesprino


    Nah, keep the HP. if you're gonna have the boss drop items that it does, it should be a cunt to kill. Lower it's attack range though, almost impossible to have a fight there as intended due to random 300-400 hits bombarding you
  15. vesprino

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    I have plenty to do in person. Lol Not an OG? Claws really don't do more damage with turmoil on lol, they are pathetic on here. I don't know what you don't get. They aren't accurate, they damage for pissall and they are borderline useless unless you get that 1 in 10000 2 rambo specs. Which is more consistent with the good old DDS. You can sit there and tell me 'but turmoil is so good' but you clearly aren't looking at the bigger picture. The melee nerf destroyed melee specs. AGS is a walking meme, The claws are trash, the BGS is literally more consistent then both of them and you want to tell me you know things? Hm, okay. Accuracy is stupidly inconsistent on PK-Fast. But it worked when food was super overpowered and everything hit very high. It all balanced itself. It was only once melee was nerfed that it got shit, because you couldn't get kills as easily to the point where food had to be crippled. Pretty clear you don't understand why the melee nerf wasn't actually needed, and it was just a few items such as the primal rapier that were a problem, but we never asked for them in the first place. Hand cannon doesn't need a buff, that's what i'm saying. It's currently in a fantastic spot and anybody who understands the way pre-eoc works will tell you that. Dragon halberd was not consistent. Sincerely, someone who used to abuse the shit out of it. I don't want close to OSRS at all lol, I don't like OSRS whatsoever due to how stale it is. RSPS should be an interpretation, not a replica. PK-Fast back in 2012 was pretty much pre-EoC on speed and that's why it was so fun to login to every single day after school. No, pkfast was hitting top when fire-pk was about. The moment fire-pk was killed off by staking and staking came to pk-fast, it was like watering a plant that had been struck by lightning. Things like the HC/Rasi at their peak were actually making people leave, as it brought out a very noticeable P2W aspect in the game. I would know, I actually used them at their peak too. They were overboard. I say that people PK the way they do on here in brid/tri/nh because of me, because it's true. I created the metagame in every single type of PK'ing that wasn't just vesta, dh or torva and other melee types. Everyone foilowed after me and they still do, sorry that you didn't learn enough about the game to get there. The fact that the weapons that everyone thinks need a buff such as the HC/Rasi are actually easily the best ones right now due to their potential pretty much says it all, They were always on top and just never given the credit they deserved. Korasi can still drop 800s, HC can poke consistent 500s and spec 600s on demand, whilst the beloved AGS is at a staggering 200 pkt and struggles to hit 500s 90% of the time, Claws hit one every 38487537893795 specials and the only thing even close is the BGS, which now sits at 100. It is very clear you have almost zero knowledge because of the way you talk about these things, and you can consider the conversation closed until you learn more about the game.

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