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  1. Louie

    Pk Event - March 18th 5:40pm EST

    k fuk all u fgts then no giveaway cant edit gg cya clird
  2. Louie


    mo can track where i got all my pkt lol. ive only ever got 1st place like 3 times so how is that all the time.
  3. Will be doing a pk event March 18th for 2k pure pkt, and your choice of $10 donation. Prizes will go to the top 2 pkers with the most kills between the hours of 5:40pm - 6:40pm EST. Make sure you google what time it will be for you at that hour. There are no rules for how you must get the kills. First Place - Choice of 2k pure or $10 donation Second Place - Remaining option
  4. Louie

    toxic virus

    boosts for hourly reward while he farms pkt from new accounts no proof needed
  5. Louie


    i killed toxic virus then everyone got off nice one you logged in for 3 seconds and screen shotted me.
  6. Louie


    not every1 has dh
  7. Louie


    oi giving away items of value of about 2000 pkt and your choice of $10 donation. discuss among yourselves of how I should give it away.
  8. Louie


    you're opinion doesn't count next
  9. Louie


    https://imgur.com/a/bfcVz1h https://imgur.com/a/kFMKQx1
  10. Louie


    and reset kdr works but doesnt take the pkt
  11. Louie


    PvP Sugs: - Fix range so it doesn't hit over a 650 (excluding dbow) that is not normal, I'm not sure what the stats of the weapons should be but I'm sure you could research it. - Decrease accuracy of melee a little, it's constant hits to the point where you have to worry about eating over anything else. Or you're not eating at all and constantly hitting 400-500s. You keep adding damage without considering accuracy. - Give random chance at double pkt per kill at all times, maybe 1/6 chance or so. Reg - 4 Donator - 6 Super - 8 Respected - 10 - Add Super combats for 1 pkt each or something. - Ban ddsing a.k.a cancer PvM Sugs: - Stop putting bosses in the wilderness that's legit dead content. People camp with a friend and no one else can kill it or they bring 2 accounts. - Buff Frost dragons drop rate - Buff Tormented demons drop rate - Buff New boss's pkt shop items drop rate, uniques keep the same. Pk Shop Sugs: - Sell back price 50% - kiln 1k - ddef 250 (useless anyway) - remove spectral again I preferred it as a rare. - just remove the summoning shop pls Server Sugs: - advertise fk m8 wheres the voting
  12. Louie

    Constant dding

    chill its just pkf you're supposed to deal with everyone acting 5 years old because it's pkf dw its just pkf.
  13. Louie

    March 11 Updates

    good stuff
  14. Louie

    March 10 updates

    not bad
  15. Louie


    Ungrateful, he could of took all the free donation money he's received in the last 24 hours and do nothing.

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