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  1. Grewy

    March 17 updates

  2. Grewy

    Top Kill Board

    I killed Saski265 an hour and a half ago, i just killed him again and it didn't register as a kill not sure what the timer is but i'm sure a 10 min timer is more than enough to prevent farming, i can kill someone and kill them again half an hour later and get nothing for it, preventing me from making money from the top kill board
  3. Grewy

    March 11 Updates

    http://prntscr.com/mxi56v - this was the first thing you did before re-releasing the server come on.... http://prntscr.com/mxi5v4 - Half the job as usual? lets focus on one first please i don't think you can do more than 1 update at a time without messing it up
  4. Grewy

    March 10 updates

    mouse scroll buggy, when i scroll chat box it zooms client
  5. Grewy

    What the legitimate fuck are you doing?

    skate slow pick ur nose

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