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  1. brucee

    Pk Event - March 18th 5:40pm EST

    Just saying est is behind 5 hours from london so in Uk time will be 22:40 till 23:40
  2. brucee


    i will give everyone a dh set who will wants to join the tourney
  3. brucee

    March 11 Updates

    bring the old ags... lmao
  4. brucee


    dh tourney? @PkFast well i remember the 1st day u were talking about some pk events u will do ''next week'' we would be happy if u do some like luie.
  5. brucee


    @PkFast hi everyone well i think mo u should put more job in pk stuff like.. void mage never hits void mele aint working asswel. dh axe is aids make the axe hit higher buff the ags. i do understand u have to do updates but npc isnt the best update u can do. in the beggining was 25+ player now only 13-20 half of them are afk and few of them double logging for wild npc this game is dead do something becouse i dont see any new players only old players play. new players dosnt play cuz they just dont know what to do. cuz no1 pking or doing anything its just gets boring u have only one boss no pkers.. welp hope ull find a way to keep the newplayers bc if u wont thare wont be any player again soon.. btw only void morrigan thrown axe is working the rest range is fuck'ed up thanks for ur time fck off hater if u dont like my english pce.
  6. brucee

    Oh hi

    who are u?
  7. brucee

    March 11 Updates

    @PkFast okeye so ags spec 800+ with vesta not even fun anymore bring back the old ags.. tony speced 805 with ags ..
  8. brucee

    March 10 updates

    @Ispanda i feel bad for u. u take the game so srs that u might jump of the bridge after u loss pixels..
  9. brucee

    March 10 updates

    kdr reset should cost more then 100pkt deppends how many kills do u hvave should be the price but okey
  10. brucee

    wild nipc

    bump for moe
  11. brucee

    wild nipc

    we need more npc.. in wild would be great if u could add.... something like revs-deep wild infernal mages. with they drop a litle amount of pkt every kill demonic gorillas. with a chanse to get hand cannon and other range stuff
  12. brucee

    Pkt Farming

    ffs chill out man its just a pkfast

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