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March 27 Updates (restart your client)

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- Removed the options boxes from the top of the client
- Redesigned the info tab

- Added a Spawn tab to spawn item directly without typing any commands

- Added options button in info tab

- Added HP box for NPC and Players

- Added option to disable HP box from client options
- Nerfed DFS spec max hit
- Fixed a bug with combat lvl calculation (fixes lvl 3 with 99 mage)
- Armadyl armour requires 70 rng and 70 def to wear

- D halberd spec bar added
- Regular DDS can now be spawned
- Added combat potion into game

- Added Combat potions in pk shop for 1pk each


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Nice update

The last thing you can do nerf the ags a litle make it max 800 not 830 amd then everything will be allright

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