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Smite Beginner's guide for new Switch players

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SMITE is a free to play MOBA game developed by HiRez Studios where players can control gods, goddesses, or other mythological figures (often summarized under the term "god") from various pantheons and bring them into battle-based teams. Players can buy new gods and skins through micro transactions or with the currency earned in a game called help, and there is a free rotation of new gods to try every week.

What makes SMITE unique is the player's camera position. The MOBA genre is filled with games that provide a top-down, third-person perspective to players. On SMITE, player cameras are positioned behind their gods, giving them a more involved and action-oriented feeling that also requires players to rotate their cameras if they want to examine their surroundings carefully. In addition, this camera display is combined with a skill-based aiming system, so players must direct their basic attacks and their ability to get them exposed. If you run out of Smite Gems, you can come to Mmocs.com for Cheap Smite Gems. With a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”, you can enjoy 3% off.

Because SMITE is a free game to play, you will only have free access to a small number of seventy or more gods to get started. While some of these free deities rotate in and out every week, there are five - one for each class - always available. As a result, it's worth taking the time to try Neith (Hunter), Ra (Mage), Thor (Assassin), Ymir (Guardian), and Guan Yu (Warrior) before choosing one to become the first god you will master.

With each character having five abilities, you might think that it doesn't take time at all to learn a certain deity, but you will quickly find that each of them plays very differently, and that it takes a lot of games to take every tactical nuance. One source that can help accelerate this understanding is the 'Get to Know Your Enemy' god guide found on the SMITE YouTube channel, which provides an excellent primer on how to get the most out of your initial hero - at least, after you get a basic grip on how they play.

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