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  1. Kurdish

    Something I did

    that is sexy
  2. Kurdish

    Kurdish Scamming

    theres no proof retard, i didnt scam you. I K0ed you fair and square when you ran. stop bitching. 'i hope isis kills him' this is literally proof of you flaming me thats it
  3. Kurdish

    Kurdish Scamming

    sorey misclicked am new
  4. Kurdish

    Kurdish Scamming

    skidmark is Grewy retard. and he saw that i K0ed you. and blake has no proof. he just says that because he doesnt like me. stop trynna frame me cus ur bad
  5. Kurdish

    Kurdish Scamming

    Lol??? I KOed this kid and now hes acting like he got pjed for me to give his bank back. I literally K0ed him as he ran to bank and hes crying for his bank back. This shows no proof at all.
  6. Kurdish

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

    korasi plz yes
  7. Kurdish

    March 11 Updates

    dont nerf ags, its perfect
  8. Kurdish

    Constant dding

    I'm not one to report, but this kid is not even almost gf. Stole Almost gf's name like the nerd he is, and was dding all my fights for a good 30 minutes. idgaf about the trash talk but nonstop disturbing my fight is annoying.
  9. Kurdish

    March 10 updates

    good updates. thanks
  10. Kurdish

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    Ur a proper faggot dont even talk. You didnt even gbs and rm after you got your boyfriend I Pked Bank to PJ me mid Torva risk with you. You’re a honourless pixel hungrt whore cunt
  11. Kurdish

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    +1!! I want that op korasi back
  12. Kurdish


    solution: dont use mac. its shit
  13. Kurdish

    Server release and update

    Glad to be backkkk
  14. Kurdish


    bring back korasi that hits 990s or riot.
  15. Kurdish

    Server online soon

    Just stfu u were invo glitching all day on the server and ragging invisibile whilst the server aint even out officially

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