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    Suggestions #2

    Ironic how I have ten times your understanding as an afker LOOOL absolute slaphead
  3. vesprino

    Suggestions #2

    U have no idea in general, whip-dfs-ags was literally all that happened beforehand or whip-ags-dfs. No variety whatsoever as retards like you got every weapon bar the AGS nerfed to shit
  4. vesprino

    Suggestions #2

    Barely anything increases strength lol forreal, You have no idea about OSRS items or pre-eoc items whatsoever. Primal boots at 10 str were unmatched pre-eoc and even by osrs where their highest is 5. Gloves had 13, amulet had 12, cape had 8, but pre-eoc also had soaking to balance it. What you don't understand is that damage really was this good pre-eoc, you're just blinded by the idea that everything should be nerfed until kills are impossible. Nobody wants to play a game like that, and if you do then just piss off. Spending 5 hours waiting for one rambo whip-dfs-ags is not enjoyable or skilled whatsoever. Note:pre eoc pking other then nh'ing doesn't really massive skill anyway, even bridding is easy once you know the basic concepts
  5. vesprino

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

    No offense but this and Grewys suggestions are the only good suggestions I have seen since the updates started rolling in, start paying attention @PkFast
  6. vesprino

    Suggestions #2

    u should stop talking lol
  7. vesprino


    lol nex sets at 99 hp are trash, statius has better stats then torva for fucks sake some1s gonna say that isn't true, go look ingame before u try to argue
  8. vesprino


    The whip isn't better then a d scim, are you smoking?
  9. vesprino

    Constant dding

    https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-client/snippets/649752-prioritized-player-drawing.html @PkFast Code this into the server. Will make DD'ing ineffective
  10. vesprino

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

  11. vesprino


    It has a 4-5 tick delay and a massive recharge time (2 minutes) Max hit 250 Rolls against magic defence (and it can also hit 0) Antifire potion makes the special hit almost nothing (like max 20) @PkFast Also make it so you can't dfs until 2 seconds after a special attack, AGS DFS is stupid (coming from someone who used to abuse the fuck out of it)
  12. vesprino

    Active server

    DH axe is definitely something with it's wild inconsistency at much lower hp, but maybe that's just the melee accuracy formula being flawed in general. There may be a flaw present with crush/stab weapons like there is in some similar servers. @PkFast How is melee accuracy calculated? Also, lower ags max hit by 10% and we have a sweet spot, slightly more damage then 2018 ags but not overkill.
  13. vesprino

    new cover photo

    enjoy fgts
  14. vesprino

    March 18 minor client update

    100% has always been a problem since tab to reply was released
  15. vesprino

    Take my advise.

    Dds was fine at 20 strength lol I would say make it 40 but jesus christ the accuracy was too high for that

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