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  1. imo


    Couldnt edit, but E: Modhunt
  2. imo


    So, I've made an Unofficial discord for pkfast. Hope yall join it, while we are waiting for Mo or Damian to make an official one. 🙂 https://discord.gg/74fkptY
  3. imo

    Risking/ddsing rules

    These rules will ONLY be active, when both riskers agree to them. Allowed weapons: Whip, Ags, Cmaul, Dh axe, if not agreed otherwise. Dh/vesta rules: No 2x ags or axe/cmaul, including Axe-Ags-Axe, or Ags-Axe-Ags. Same thing with cmaul. No arm rules: Same as listed on Dh rules, except only helmet allowed (usually Helm of Neitiznot). Ddsing rules: -No veng. (if caught its an auto loss the the vengd person) -No food.(similar to brews if caught with the eating motion mid fight its an auto lose [unless theres proof the person has that they werent eating food or a brew.]) -No brews. -No run. (see bottom for glitch run [if you run its an auto loss) -No tele. (same as running) -DDS IS ONLY WEAPON. (wear nothing in boxing ofc) -Run glitch is auto-rm. -No Ring of Vigour. -Dc is either RM or both get their stakes back(if you dc and x4 while you dc and lost, you lost) E: Modhunt Can be edited, if needed.
  4. imo


    We defo need some staff, mm's etc. Also, get a Developer so u dont have to do all by urself. I know ya got trust issues, but still lmfao
  5. imo

    Suggestion list v2

    Ight. Also, when will Voting be implemented? @PkFast
  6. imo

    Suggestion list v2

    1. Bring back sol spec! 2. Fix xp counter? 3. Improve droptables of abby demons etc. 4. Add some kind of new pvming, get rid of aod.
  7. imo

    Suggestion list.

    1. Get Nick as an adminstrator, if he's interested. 2. ok bye
  8. imo

    Server online soon

    Nigga ur gonna buy everyone a donator rank. Get ur dads credit card ready kty.
  9. imo

    First Suggestion.

    Why ban Pjer? Nigga just farmed tards like ya.
  10. imo

    The return of Pk-Fast private server

    Release it already ffs
  11. imo

    Yo Niggas

    Its The one and only Pkfast NH god aka Dragon Fight aka Pr0 raper!!! Get gud m9 im back bitchesssssssssssssss

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