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  1. Blake

    hide your wife & kids

    LMFAO classic pkf
  2. Blake


    You guys are acting surprised that Mo reset and rebooted pk fast for a quick cash grab.
  3. Blake


    Wait this retard is mod?
  4. Blake

    Grewy Flamming

    LMFAO grewy for mod!
  5. Blake

    Interface Glitch

    Make young Nick moderator. It is retarded to have nobody monitoring stuff going on in game.
  6. Blake


    I could not IMAGINE being so shit that I would feel the need to take a picture every time I kill somebody in a regular fight. Also, being too scared to enter the wilderness when i'm online
  7. Blake


    Literally farm you and your alts on a daily basis. Don't pipe up on forums if you avoid in game long neck.
  8. Blake

    Kurdish Scamming

    He scammed me as well. Quit being a cry baby bitch LOL
  9. Blake


    This dude says "they wanna prod us" cause he knows damn well he isn't getting a nex set from abyssal demons.
  10. Blake

    March 23 Updates

    Revert dfs animation back and make it so its not hitting 250s
  11. Blake

    March 18 minor client update

    Client crashes as in client completely freezes until you close and reload. I think teleports and zoom in/out triggers it but it seems to happen randomly as well. Other players have said this as well so it isn't just me.
  12. Blake

    March 18 minor client update

    Have you looked into client crashes? It was after you put the zoom in/out in.
  13. Blake

    Take my advise.

    Louie may be #1 retard mod hunter but he's on to something here.
  14. Blake

    Pk Event - March 18th 5:40pm EST

    Mod hunt +1
  15. Blake

    Client Crashing

    Client keeps freezing/dcing since these recent updates. Usually happens when zooming in/out or teleporting?

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