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  1. Nick


    Nice suggestion, kindly decline.
  2. Nick

    hide your wife & kids

    Good to see nothing's changed xd
  3. Nick


    Cashin out boyz
  4. Nick


    I could drag my nuts across my keyboard and still construct sentences better than you, fkn paki 😂
  5. Nick

    VPN Voting

    Doubt mo cares lol
  6. Nick

    Skeet skeet

  7. Nick

    Suggestions #2

    Add: - Imbued magic capes. People like to hybrid, so why not give them some new content. More OSRS content: Items/Bosses. - Armadyl Crossbow - Tentacle Whip - Staff of the dead - New jewellery. (Ex: Amulet of anguish, torture, etc). Range doesnt have a best in slot amulet aside from the spawn, and our best in slot for melee is a fury lol. - Introduce Primordials, Pegasians, and Etnernal boots. Melee/Range/Magic. Our best in spot boots are also spawnable aside from primal boots. Bosses: - Venenatis. - Corp Beast - Should have someway the spirit shields come into the game besides pkshop 😂 Misc: Someone suggested a while ago they wanted pets, i guess it will be cool to have. Aslong as there's a goblin pet named Skorm, i'm happy 😉 There's a ton of other osrs content people may like, just ask for suggestions from players. Edit: We are also very behind when it comes to other RSPS, content wise. We are in the OSRS aura now, if you want to attract players we need to go somewhat unique, or jump on the OSRS hype train.
  8. He isn't, not yet atleast
  9. Nick

    Interface Glitch

    http://prntscr.com/n3wzab Ever since you released the new Item Searcher, it clashes with other interfaces, example the spellbook. Have to restart the client just to get rid of it lol.
  10. Nick

    March 27 Updates (restart your client)

    Forget something?
  11. Nick

    March 27 Updates (restart your client)

    Nicely done.
  12. Nick

    Something I did

    I like the idea, but maybe throw it in an unused tab like the 'notes' as grewy suggested. Replace the notes icon so people would actually see it's changed, and they will click on it xd. Other than that, good job. Would love to see it ingame.
  13. Nick


    I like how you had to scribble out the chatbox 😂
  14. Nick

    March 23 Updates

    Some nice updates. Do you think you'd be able to make a KDR highscores on the forum, I'd rather see the whole server's KD than the top 10.
  15. Nick

    BUG #2

    Works fine for me lol

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