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  1. Roxey

    PKfast bosses "guide to kill"

    Blood barrage heals your hp at that point. That's the setup im using to kill this boss. it might drop torva, pboots, korasi , pernix, virtus and some stuff like this. If your lucky you might get bank constantly. Hope this guide helps ya'll in future of bossing it. Karil is for the defence against the boss. Might use it maybe not. Everyone's own choice. 🙂 NB! Boss is on 40 wild.
  2. Roxey

    Need my accounts back.

    Was mentioned @PkFast<
  3. Server should be add the 07 items. Aslong as i came up with they item ideas: - Infernal cape - Armadyl crossbow - Primordial, Eternal, Pegasian boots - Toxic staff of the dead / staff of the dead - Abyssal Tentacle - Amulet of torture - Amulet of anguish - Ring of suffering (i) - Tormented bracelet - Dragon crossbow - Heavy Ballista - Light Ballista - Dragon Javelins - Different bolts for the crossbows - Rune pouch (example, pk ticket shop) - Dragon warhammer - Blowpipe - zulrah scales - Magma mutagen - Tanzanite mutagen - Serpentine Helm - Elite void BOSSES: There should be added chaos elemental boss which drops dragonwarhammer. The drop rate of it should be like 1/40. Depends on the hp combat of boss. Demonic gorillas: Should drop all the amulets, bracelet, suffering ring, heavy ballista, light ballista, Dragon javelins with it neither AND EVERY KILL SHOULD BE ATLEAST 5-15 PKP NEITHER without if there's any drop< Kraken boss: Should drop Abyssal of tentacle, regular abyssal whip PKP. Zulrah: should drop - Blowpipe - Zulrah scales - Magma mutagen - Tanzanite mutagen - Serpentine Helm Neither PKP each drop as an advice. Those are just a bit suggestions. Hopefully you take it as your work to add those things up! Thank you.
  4. Lets make Pkfast great again! As it used to be! Everyone try promote this server as much as he can. I'll give my best neither to keep pkfast alive for long time again!
  5. Roxey

    Need my accounts back.

    First of all... all the accounts which were logged on under icedrags. I wanna get all my accounts back. If someone can help then hit my pm up ingame "Roxey". Ill answer all questions.

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