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  1. Devils Light

    Dharok System

    This is hosted on a shit server as well..
  2. Devils Light

    Dharok System

    Yea i quit today. Its so bad lol...he shoulda sold the server to myturtles...he made ikov to #1, he probably could have done the same to pkfast back in 2012.
  3. Devils Light

    Dharok System

    This is absolutely horrid. I am risking under 1 hp and the accuracy is so bad. My opponent and 50+ hp still hits 50-60 constantly. This system definitely needs a rework. The DFS special also needs some work as it 1. Causes a delay and 2. Hides the weapon and attack if you use it on the last tick. This is abused by pkers who know of this trick. Also, the timer is incorrect...often at 0, I activate the special attack and it gives the response that the shield is not done charging yet. Also, please fix karambwans.
  4. Devils Light

    Someone took my name?

    Its so dead. Lol, im soloing all the bosses and not making any pkt. Abyssal demons are so trash but some how are the best pkt (facepalm)....the fucking pk boss is shit spent like 1 hour for 10 kills and no loot.
  5. Devils Light

    Someone took my name?

    It was fun for the first 3-4 hours then got damn boring when the combat system was broke as fuck. Cmon mo put some work in.
  6. Devils Light

    Someone took my name?

    Before I logged in ingame, someone took my name rofl. Mo, who tryna impersonate me?
  7. Devils Light

    Back for fun?

    Come at me boys. Hopping on right now. Hopefully this bitch aint hosted on paki net again xD
  8. Devils Light

    sup lad

    The mod that anal raped you everytime with a whip in vestas
  9. Devils Light


    Are you still 14?
  10. Devils Light

    Back for fun?

    Sup, Ex-mod from pkfast here. Hopefully Mo can get this bitch up and running. I'm ready to down some people in vestas like the good ol' days.
  11. Devils Light

    sup lad

    Wow, the old fag crew coming back all together

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