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  1. One of the most popular games ever made for the Apple App Store, Texas Hold'em, is available again after it was launched 11 years ago. The classic App Store is back! The app store page is showing off. Texas Hold'em is the first game sold on the App Store, available on July 6, 2008. It is one of two apps that launch the App Store, the other is called Remote, and allows you to play Texas Hold'em against computer-controlled opponents application, or fight up to nine friends over WiFi if they run the application on their iPhone too. In fact, the relaunch of Texas Hold'em might be more about Apple's future than providing a nostalgic journey for its users. Apple recently returned to the game development business, at least in small ways, such as when working on the "Paper Wizard" earlier this year. What is less clear is whether this re-release might be the start of a change of course for the technology giant when it comes to online gambling applications. Buy Cheap Texas Hold'em Poker Chips from 777chips.com,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery. Apple has long had a full relationship with poker and other online games. While operators can sometimes find ways to slip their games through the company's screening process, real money game applications are only permitted on the App Store when created by a licensed operator in regulated jurisdiction. Last month, Apple further acted by hinting that it would no longer allow real money gambling applications to be built using embedded HTML5 code. Instead, all game applications - along with applications from several additional categories - must now be created using the original iOS code, and not the "wrapper" that is usually used to direct users to existing HTML5 games.

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