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  1. Alar170


    mute louie
  2. Alar170

    VPN Voting

    LOL it works?
  3. Alar170


    basil dainius stop it, ffs Mo has his personal life aswell. Give him some time its not that easy ot code a fkn server alone. All u do is trash talk, u should respect him and be supportive not fkn trash talk 24/7
  4. Alar170

    Suggestions #2

    Ye Alar170 and nick for mod kty
  5. Alar170

    Take my advise.

    he ahs to buff items since kids are camping 900+ lol xddddddd
  6. Alar170

    March 11 Updates

    why nerf? its cool, the ags is fine, its all about rng, i like the ags atm
  7. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    LOL ur mad over pixels
  8. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    Na i aint from india, and dafuk u even talking about?.
  9. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    stop posting, honestly ur so dumb
  10. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    U do not even know what im working on, most of the time im just chatting with ppl in pkf ur so dumb please, please do not talk. Get urself a job and stop crying over pixels in game.
  11. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    paying my mom some rent money? Yo kid i work 11 hours a day with computers i get over 45 dollars in hour dafuk u want from me. Grow up
  12. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    dayum u got me, i supported mo with 20 dollars, so what ur still a newfag, aint my problem u dont have money to blow like i do
  13. Alar170

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    "sounds like you're new" who are you. "leon" ur new for us
  14. Alar170

    Suggestion list.

  15. Alar170

    Server online soon

    Fresh start sounds good

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