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  1. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    You're ego is so fucking high man, I actually feel sorry for you pal. 1. Claws on here are stronger with turmoil and vesta than on osrs. if you can't see that then you're braindead. 2. Being powerful doesn't mean max hit. The accuracy on this server is the reason this server is so OP we all know whips can hit 30's and shit on OSRS but no way near as consistent as it is on here. 3. yes it was lmao. Shit used to hit constant 500's this is why i doubt you've played longer than a few years, Dragon halberd hit high more than it hit low. People could 1 spec people without even using a barrage with it. Yes it was rare but the fact this was still possible shows how powerful it was. 500 was an average nice hit lmao. Wasn't even impressive you would see cosntant 700-800's with 1 spec and thats without a barrage stack. 4. Are you stupid? Never stated it wasn't a good combo weapon? Shit was just more OP back in the day and was good enough to be a pure rushing weapon without adding combo's to get a really high hit. 5. Wrong. Pkfast was hitting top highscores around the time all these strong PVP weapons was noticed. was always top page on rune-locus back in the day. LMAO this server is known for its OP combat compared to other servers. If you want a combat system close to osrs you're on the wrong server mate. This server got so big because of its OP hits. I honestly feel like you're brainwashed because you can nh with op hits and think your sick hahaha. 6. Can't see anything great about your channel, Will give you props you're good at pking but i don't see no OG weapons being used? Just risked fights... ( All new upload dates when everyone had pkts) & everything got nerfed lol. Nothing impressive? Like i said imo i believe you've only been around what.. 3-4 years at max? Was you even around when the server had fire-pk around? 7. "Because of me", "because of me", "because i showed" you honestly think you're all it. Its jokes but its seedy & cringe as fuck. A genuine question... Do you actually have friends irl? Cus fuck me with that ego you wouldn't get far in life mate (just a tip) You might get a few bum licks on here but thats only because of your wealth LOL. Sincerely A non-egoistic fuck.
  2. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    LMAO you're fake as fuck & full of shit. You acting bare nice at edge and dang asking me for a fight saying "gf" n that... keep getting lippy though all good. I Got a job though i work half time my fruity guy. Question... You from india or suttin? Run your mouth like your one of those mad indians on BT helpline
  3. I'm probably the reason that ::edge became dead. Ill take responsibility in the hourly reward. In my defence i thought this would be good as it would stop all these pkt farmers that was around when the pre-released client was around. I didn't expect the shop prices to be increased dramatically and the voting system to not work though. which didn't make sense... PVP Improvements 1. PvP hourly rewards need to be doubled atleast, lets say atleast 1st. 75pkt, 2nd. 50pkt and 3rd. 30pkt as rewards. 2. Bring in a rare chance to get pvp items from killing people, or a pvp box that can open a random pvp item. 3. Introduce Emblems, another reason to pvp... Maybe bring in more untradeables that are better than the spawns for example to the emblem shop. "helm of neitiznot (U)" gives slightly improves stats on nezzy with an extra few strength or accuarcy. This would make people want to get Tier 10's so they can buy untradeables with there bounty points to have a slightly better advantage. but still maintaining a fair balance so its weaker than the statius helm. 4. (Mentioned on previous suggestion) Bring pvp events... that start every 2-4 hours or so? E.g pure, Nh, Dharoks, Spawns, Range only etc. Maybe double pkt for the set hour or/& give rewards to top pkers in this event. PVM Improvements 1. Bring osrs bosses. (Most) people nowadays look for an OSRS related server when they're looking for a new rsps to play. May as well add these just so we can fit in that category. - (Me personally i just want more bosses and npc's to kill as there isnt much a varioury atm) 2. Maybe add pvm keys which you could use on a chest e.g crystal, to get random valuable items from it (maybe small chance of a rare?) 3. Considering the kiln cape in the shops, why not add the kiln minigame or a similar hard minigame to retrieve it that can match its price in the shop. 4. . Revenant caves drop PVP items such as statius, vesta, zuriels & morrigans & new osrs items? This would also overlap pvp & increase nhers deep wild pking and possibly bring clans together. Miscellaneous 1. Fix voting, Idk why this easy 1 min job hasn't been sorted yet? 2. For a pkt sink, Introduce a kdr reset option which costs "100pkt" for example, for people that want to use the same account but have bad kdr. 3. Give a nice reward to the top voter or top 3 voters of each month. This increases people wanting to make effort to vote.
  4. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    This comment before we fought in ::edge right?
  5. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    Shittt stop the hate lol. All i doing is tryna get some memories, I swear everyone gets called a random or newfag or w/e just cus they Never donated or spammed ::yell back in the day... IK you OG but chill, I been around since time just keep my self to myself :')
  6. leon

    Few basic suggs

    +1 for all Revs would help nhers & pvmers, probably best update. Might even help form clans being made... Make um drop pvp items such as you suggested
  7. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    Is it? that why you sit on pkfast all day yeah? lmaooo get out. Even if you was you wouldn't be able to sit on here as much as you do. I highly doubt you are... Majority of jobs, If you earning that sort of money you would be drained from working hard & wouldn't spend your time on an rsps. your gonna tell me you finish work froma $45 an hour job and jump on pkfast lool? Isit Fuck.
  8. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    @Alar170 I aint new lmao... How long you been around? Just cus i don't go round shouting in yell like a autist don't mean i ain't been around :') +Better things to buy than being a Donator, considering you're on here 24/7 how about paying your mom some rent money?
  9. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    Never heard of you either mate. Just know you use your debit card a lot :')
  10. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    LMAO sound salty mate. 1. I quit about 2015/16 so if you've been around only 2 years to be known that proves my point. 2. Claws ain't shit like you said, with vesta's and turmoil etc. I have specced people out while they rocktail brewed still downed their ass, "special kid." 3. you're telling me the hits are weaker on here than OSRS? GTFO 100%. 4. It was, clearly before you joined if you're such an OG you would know that halberd was the one of the most used weapons at that point for the fact of how broked it was.... 5. Maybe a combo, but that shit used to be a rushing weapon. clearly you must have missed that era. 6. Don't try educate someone who clearly has more knowledge of the game than you. Just because i don't go talking in yell doesn't mean i haven't played for ages? Like you said the korasi... accuracy is fucking awful on it. shit used to be 10-15k for a reason. you have a much likely chance hitting 700 with dds which id rather used easily. so that statement is stupid. If you was actually some what 'educated' you would realise pkfast was reaching its peak numbers when these 'everyone gets a kill weapon' were around. You aint even a tard. You damn stupid, check the votes on this poll. It looks like my theory that OP weapons being back are stornger than yours.
  11. leon

    hourly pkt

    Could be my fault ngl... was on my suggestions 😢
  12. leon

    To blakey #1 pker

  13. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    @vesprino sounds like you're new so im gonna assume you are? (unsure though) 1. claws are OP as well, never seen anything like um on other servers. Imo you can easily 2 spec someone out with claws while they're eating depends on rng... 2. Melee is fine imo, Whips sick, ags is good, all mauls are fine & dds is OP/underated, claws are OP etc.. Imo melee is the most powered, i out do everyone using mage with a whip pvming as well lol 3. Nowadays it isn't i agree which is the point of this post, back in the day you could smack 600's-800's easily and its a free weapon... thats without stacking it with barrage. it was easily a 1 tick weapon if the rng was on your side. many people used it for rebuilding at dangpk for example back then! 4. I'm not sure what you're on about either lol... 5. Korasi is nothing like it used to be, id rather claws or an ags.. it barely hits 400's and is inaccurate. Shit used to hit 800's easily on vesta back in the day
  14. leon

    Need your opinion

    like @Ispandasaid, we need a range of different bosses/npcs to kill not just the one. add bosses everywhere even Chuck some npcs at lvl 35 - 50 giving more rewards (considering higher risk) && @vesprinocurrent drop tables need a rework badddd, this has been said for years but ignored lol :')
  15. leon

    Bringing back OP weapons?

    This shit keeps getting posted but i thought if i added a poll maybe MO might realize the truth behind this? D hally, Handcannon, Korasi etc need a buff and re introduced to the pvp shop or/and donator store Doesn't have to be OP as it once was but didn't need the nerf it got as it made these items useless, wildy was much more active during these times... yes we had people complaining but for example. - The D hally for example it always gave everyone a chance to rebuild if they managed to pull out lucky RNG. - Handcannon was the funnest rushing weapon ever imo and it gave a balance between people protecting range or melee. D claws are still OP so why did this need such the nerf? - Korasi did need the nerf, but the nerf was too much. it made the item's useless and only really hold its value due to being a donator item (imo) These are the best memories i've had & probably for the majority...

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