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  1. alarmmelder

    Anyone left here from 2016?

    pkfast is dead m8
  2. alarmmelder


    yeah wtf is this
  3. alarmmelder

    hourly pkt

    yeah lol make it back to 200 or atleast like 150 :s
  4. alarmmelder

    XP/PKT Hour

    hi mo i got a suggestion for you and for every1 who plays pkf it would be nice if there was like an pk hour everyday, 1 Hour each day you will get like 10pkt per kill it will motivate people to come pk more cuz prices have all gone up and there isnt really a way to make pkt unless you donate or risk each other and the server isnt big atm so that wont really help the eco. and we got alot of people from different time zones so i suggest that there isnt a specific time but that it will be picked randomly everyday and when you like login to pkfast you will get a timer that will let you know when it is pk hour?
  5. alarmmelder

    The North Remembers

    ::item ::i probz cleaned your ass?
  6. alarmmelder

    The North Remembers

    yeah 😄 thanks bro
  7. alarmmelder

    The North Remembers

    😛 you may will or you may wont
  8. alarmmelder

    The North Remembers

    hhhh 😜
  9. alarmmelder

    The North Remembers

    Alarm is back . The Prince who was promised
  10. alarmmelder

    Server online soon

    lets get it i guess

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