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  1. anniga

    Take my advise.

    Give this server some time, b4 advertisement changes you need to change/add some sht to the server, cus the way it is rn,it only keeps some oldfags motivated to stay around. Pkf needs more than what we have now to keep new players active n addicted. Goodjob mo we can see ur trying and acctly doing some stoof. Gj Louie keep it up ull get the chance to become mod 1 day either if you dont want it no matter what they think, love ur suggestions tbh.
  2. anniga

    Oh hi

  3. anniga

    no way lol

    Well havent tried it myself but iz cuul,let it be, mo will eventually add more npcs so we good. Hope so atleast.
  4. anniga

    Few basic suggs

    1. Voting- change the prizes for voting, for example make it that you get an amount of pkt+ a vote mystery box which contains pk supps up to ags (and maybe a 1/500 chance for claws). Would keep ppl motivated to vote. 2. Pvming- not just that 1 boss ur working on but add tons of more, such as revenants and other bosses, also add some items to frost drags droptable,such as vesta,morrig,zuriel pieces. Also slayer would be amazing imo. 3. General changes- 1) wher our dfs timer ath 2) customizeable spawn gear (instead of the useless main gear,you can save your own gearup) 3) ::brunes changes magebook to anc. ::veng changes to lunar automatically. shankyou.
  5. anniga

    Pkt Farming

  6. anniga

    Concerning usernames and client leak

    Mo, no unspawn reset:)
  7. anniga

    Concerning usernames and client leak

    Love to read the forums,flaming totally sounds like the old pkf.wb.
  8. anniga

    Four suggestions

    Good suggestions, but still a change that pkfast needs is pvming. Good pvming/bossing is what keeps the server active even if there is no ppl pking. The pvm we had back in the day is just a waste of time,farming abyssals for whips what is 50pkt ea? Also slayer would keep decent amount of pvmers active.
  9. anniga

    The North Remembers

    ::item 6666 1 ::item 775 1 ::item 8850 1 ::item 9470 1

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