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  1. brucee

    hide your wife & kids

    U motherfuker go get a life crying over a pkfast jeez Go do giveaway for 10$ and 2k pure.. and hang ur self feggit.
  2. brucee

    Dharok System

    He returned pkfast cuz he needed money he probs made around 2 grand and left lol..
  3. brucee

    Dharok System

    Dude give up pkfast is dead.. mo did run as the last time.... not worth to waste ur timr there
  4. brucee


    Well boys thare is still litle hope that he will come back... I hope soo
  5. brucee


    Fuk you
  6. brucee


    Well mo u did that again you did said that u dont want us to dissapoint you,u will do ur best to get the server online.. But what u did.. u left u didnt even posted something on forum that you will be gone for a while.. what did u expect we ganna sitt and wait for you? thare is 7 peaple online. We still believe that pkfast will be alive But you have to talk with us let us know whats up so we will do our best to help you.. but u just saying nothing to us.. you think you will do adversting and peaple will come.. nah it dosnt work that way everyone wants updates everyone wanna see that owner cares. But if he dont why should we play then. Thare is alot if other server that has 300 players. The owners did showed that they care abou peaple and they didnt left.. Everyone had own problems atleadt u have to say that you bussy or some sht I do understand that you have ur own life but you make money of pkfast so u have yo spend your timeto working on it Or atleast give some1 the server to code it thare is some peaple who can do it and who will do it free u will earn r fking money And we all be happy playing it. P.s for all the haters I dont speak english so stfu
  7. brucee


  8. brucee

    Risking/ddsing rules

    I dont get how its 2x when you axe ags axe.. ita just a prod + if u do that urs the other guy has loads of time to eat. Axe ags axr cuz it take a decent amount of time to hit
  9. brucee

    louie rwter

    Muted Appeal on forums for unmute -bruce lee
  10. brucee


    Mo is allrdy gone as the last time r.i.p pkf if he wont pay some peaple ti advertise the server it wont get new player.. anyway its almost summer time no1 will spend time pkaying pkfast on summer.. r.i.p
  11. brucee

    Skeet skeet

  12. brucee

    Suggestions #2

    sure i cant get kills anymore i dont know how to pk.. 😞
  13. brucee

    Suggestions #2

    says who dosnt pk for sht just afk and talk 24/7 thats all you do.
  14. brucee

    Suggestions #2

    its will be possible to get kills if u nerf whip ags then pepale will risk a lower hp cuz now no point to pk in dh I just get smacked with ags 780 in dh so.. I think everyone only do whip dfs ags its really boring cuz no1 risk hp pking isn't fun at all u don't need any skills to pk some1 cuz u can easy stack with whip in dh 495 a dfs 190 and ags hits up to 780 + whip hits really hard all the time. and yeah I have no idea about osrs but just pking isn't fun at all here.
  15. brucee

    Suggestions #2

    Okey and tentical so tent will hit 600 letsgoo Add vine whip with has 200 str bonus and are faster then reg whip lets goo

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