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  1. cashed500


    It was going fantastic and then Mo disappeared and the server died
  2. cashed500

    Anyone left here from 2016?

    He brought the server back, cranked out updates, then disappeared. I'm still here but no one knows me lol
  3. cashed500

    March 17 updates

    Not enough players atm but a fantastic update. keep it up mo!
  4. cashed500

    March 11 Updates

    I like the current ags honestly
  5. cashed500

    Player Kill Count not increasing.

    @L I M E YMy account was bugged. I had killed probably 4 unique players or so without gaining any kills entirely. Good now after a few days
  6. cashed500

    13/03/19 Updates to suggestions

    I read through most of this, don't feel like making a big response but I would like to say this. The bandos and armadyl nerfs are brutal for actually doing the bosses. They will not be worth time or effort if its that cheap. if they could sell back for nearly the same price as they do now, i'd see it as reasonable. I think the boss' tile range change sounds plausible. Personally, I like the AGS now but its gotta be nerfed or everything else has to be buffed. Claws hit like a damn noodle. I agree with the fury being 20. Dharok's would be fine at 15-20 each too I don't think the Dark bow should be lowered that steeply. I would say a slight price reduction and a bit of a damage buff + accuracy nerf or something *I don't use D bow to know this* Not sure about the new shop items, don't feel like reviewing them at the moment
  7. cashed500

    March 11 Updates

    Alright, Claws seem useless compared to ags lol
  8. cashed500

    March 11 Updates

    Really solid update to push out in one day, nice work! Kudos to you My KDR issue appears to finally be fixed, thanks! My current issue list: Primal axe is still 140 each Godsword shards should either be removed and become spawnable or have their drop-rate tripled and be removed from global drop chat. You get hilt drops at the same rate as shard drops but it requires 3 shards for one hilt. *And you have to get the correct ones* Once again, nice work keep it up
  9. cashed500

    March 10 updates

    This update broke all godwars boss teleports other than Armadyl
  10. * All of the godwars teleports beyond are broken other than Armadyl. * Primal rapier is 125 PKT, Chaotic rapier is 250 PKT. * You get hilt drops at the same rate as godsword shards yet it takes 3 shards to make one sword. Allow the shards to be spawned or triple the drop-rates. * Voting. Simply needs added * Increase player-count. Absolutely want to see this server succeed. Advertise or something ASAP. * Increase combat damage. I'm fine with DPS weapons like whip and rapiers doing less, fine. But I do feel like AGS shouldn't be 200 PKT if it hits like a rubber chicken. (I am a shit pker but I feel this is reasonable) Personal Bug: * I literally CANNOT gain KDR for whatever reason even if I kill unique players. I've killed so many players and still have 0 registered. I cannot yell because of this and its stupidly annoying. Dear god, help me
  11. cashed500

    Guide to a good server.

    I thought i'd be the only one with this sentiment. Its gonna get toxic almost certainly but lets do our best bois.
  12. cashed500

    Not enough godsword shards.

    Not enough godsword shards. Let us sell hilts to the shop directly or triple the shard droprates so enough are attainable on average please.
  13. cashed500

    Player Kill Count not increasing.

    So far i've killed a good 3 or 4 unique accounts now, not a single one has counted as my kill. I cannot yell due to this issue and its annoying. I made an alt to test this out and killed my friend; it gave me the PKT this time but still did not increase player count. Maybe its by unlucky chance but so far, but I am unsure and its somewhat annoying.
  14. cashed500

    General Server Suggestions.

    Hi and welcome to my gu- list. These are a few proposals for the server. PVM and PVP. Don't take these as like changes I 100% want. Just ideas and suggestions to discuss, good or bad. 1). Raise Primal Rapier price ASAP, the chaotic rapier is twice the price. Maybe its been nerfed to be worse than the chaotic but that'd be a weird change to not announce. 2). Add voting and any other form of advertising to increase player-count. I'm afraid the server will likely die in a month or so otherwise. A solid 60-80 players would really change things. 3). Allow godsword hilts to be sold on their own or make the blade pieces more common; useless drop. Zammy and Sara are likely dead content. 4). Add Korasi, P2H, P Boots, Handcannon. Nerf/Buff them as needed, don't care, get them back in. I've hardly used these as i'm usually poor on this server but so far i've seen great support for at least P2H and P Boots. This would also add variety as it wouldn't just be Torva and Claws as the only items over like 400 PKT *Could be wrong on this* 5). Frost Dragons and Sea Troll Queen maybe need to be looked at. I've seen that its possible to obtain whips, dark bows, and DDS from FD. Beyond the mask, they don't seem to be worth your time as these drops seem to be uncommon; could be wrong. (Maybe release the drop table?) I've not seen anything drop from Sea Troll Queen after a good 7 or so kills, not enough kills but you take a lot of damage and it just doesn't feel satisfying to kill without knowing potential drops. 6). Increase the hourly kill ticket payout. It clearly needs an increase. I understand taking it slow but the community seems to be annoyed by this. Find a good middle ground, maybe bump it to like 55-70 for now and continue to slowly increase it. *Don't remember what it used to be by now.* 7). Throw some abby demons (Or another creature with a similar drop table) out in the wildy or some shit with slightly less hp, quite a bit more damage, but they can rarely drop some valuable item. This would at least give PKers SOMETHING to do right now; I'm not big on PVP but its clear they need some content. Make it worth it for the PVMers tho too, this would make the wildy feel a bit more alive; even if the people risk little or nothing. Hell, just throw a few abby demons *as they currently are* in multi so they can be barraged for all I care. Like, 3 of them that spawn beside each other. This alone would keep people returning and contesting it. Put it in 30+ wildy too, make it exciting and somewhat risky. 8). Clarify the Gmaul. The spec has not been working for me, not sure if its bugged or disabled; don't care. Personally, I enjoy the Gmaul but I 100% understand the desire for it to be removed too. Just remove it from the shop and drop tables to remove confusion. *Maybe increase whip sell price or something so people doing demons don't lose some of their income* 9). More consistent public announcements; people need to know whats up and what you're thinking about the direction of the game more often. The server can feel un-moderated at times with a lack of support and updates even if its not quite the case. Maybe even start a server discord *with rules to stop the inevitable cancer lol* 10). Players, players, players! We need more. Work on it early, work on it now. If you want this to go somewhere, increase player-count, we need people. More pkers, more PVMers. This has been my list of PERSONAL suggestions, I completely understand if you guys disagree with all of it. In the end, I really want this game to thrive; as with most of you. Hopefully the response isn't too toxic but, i'd like to know what you guys think. Thanks

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