New forum titles

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    New Forum Titles

    Here are the official forum titles along with their post count requirements. Please note that after 1000 posts, members will be allowed to change to any of those at any time.



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    Donator forum groups

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    As I have promised, I have added donator groups to the forum. All donators (regular, super and respected) will have the same icon. You will get to chose the icon and name color.

    Those are the current ones available:

    blue don.png

    green don.png

    orange don.png

    pink don.png

    red don.png


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    Registration and accounts restored

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    Hi guys, I have successfully transferred all the accounts from the old forum to the new one. You can now login using the same password as you had on the vbulletin forum. Account registration is also open now.


    I will create the donator ranks tomorrow so please send me an email or post in the "HELP SECTION" here on forum if you want your rank on forums.



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