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Hourly top kills

Apr 16, 2016 - 2:41 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
Hourly top kills

Hey guys. As you all know, last days weren't the best for Pkfast. So I hope this updates gets some players motivated to Pk more as there will be reward for the most top 3 with most kills.

Every hour, the top 3 players with most kills with get rewarded. You can check the score board from home or edge. You will be notified of the time remaining at those intervals: 45min, 30min, 15min, 10min, 5min

First gets 200 Pk tickets.
Second gets 150 Pk tickets.
Third gets 100 Pk tickets.

We will have a reward for the most voters soon which will be each month, a big reward will be given for the winners.

I will be sending this updates via email to every registered forum user to let them know about it.
  24 Replies | 937 Views

March 26 Updates

Mar 26, 2016 - 9:11 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar

- Item protect now has a head icon to prevent scams.
- Bank intert option now works as it should.
- Staff of light invinsible glitch now fixed.
- Fixed an issue where if you kill someone with veng, you won't get the loot.
- Can't operate DFS without having one equiped (some people used cheat client to glitch).
- Removed ::l command (didn't do anything but caused client to freeze for 2 sec)
- Fixed a bug where if you don't have item to protect, it would say dwarf remains:

- Very accurate range max hit formula
- Fixed knives max hit (rune knifes, etc)
- Fixed morrigan's axe hitting high if equiped with dragon bolt (e)
- Fixed hand cannon max hit
- Fixed ::maxhit (or ::max) command
- Quick prayer toggle now saves when you relog
- Dragon scimi max hit is reducing depending on oppenent's defence.
- Fixed a bug where you could unnote noted potions via mixing.
- You can now drop/pickup/bank/withdraw potions and food with red skull on.
- Fixed a glitch where player has bank command access after examing a player with red skull.

Please remember to invite your friends and vote daily, thanks a lot.

  23 Replies | 969 Views

Big Update March 12

Mar 12, 2016 - 8:08 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar

What's up guys, what you've been waiting for all this long has finally arrived. So many fixes has gone through this update as well as new additions. Here's the complete change-log for this update. Please report any bug or problem you encounter ingame with these new updates.

Also, make sure to redownload the client manually if you don't use the ClientLauncher (which will update the client automatically).

Big shout out to everyone who posted suggestions including Zorii and Pjer

Clanchat fixes:
- A message is sent to all clan players when someone leaves the chat
- Fixed error: Your clan chat request could not be completed.
- cckick command now works.
- ccmute and ccunmute commands now work.

Pking updates:
Player can now have a red skull (::redskull) for risking. Warning: Loses every single item on death to prevent scammers. You can lose it by relogging.

Things a player cannot until the red skull is lost:
- cannot bank items (deposit and withdraw).
- cannot trade.
- cannot drop items.
- cannot pickup items.
- cannot spawn items via ::item command.
Players can now right click "Examine" any player with red skull on, they will be able to see their inventory and equiped items.

When you have the red skull and get a kill, the red skull will be removed.

General fixes:
You now need a defence level of 40 to use vengeance.
You now need 28 defence to use curses.
Replaced "Duel" option from minigame teleport with "Hero"
Summoning: Stony shell and steel of legends scrolls can now be stacked.
Fixed a major glitch with prayer toggling. This is the glitch:

Chaotics cannot be destroyed and cannot be dropped while in combat.
Vengeance cannot be casted if it's already been casted.
Fixed level requirement for primal armour.
Cannot spawn gear armour from quest tab without correct level requirement

General changes (addition):
You need at least 5 kills to be able to use the Yell command. (to prevent spammers and advertisers)
Added a warning message before teleporting to Tormented deamon.
Added 1 more torm and frost dragon at dzone
Prayer tutor at ::edge
Added a dds in the starter pack for new players
Starter have 5k rocktails instead of sharks.

Melee update:
Increased Saradomin sword spec damage.

Client updates:
Fixed NPC examine text.

Player ranks (kill count titles) now shows in the quest tab, see which rank you unlocked and which you didn't. It also tells you how many kills you need to unlock

Veng timer will now show the remaining second until you can veng again.

New client option menu with x10 hit toggle (will add more options in future).

More skin colors

Can now change camera angle with mouse middle wheel.

Shops updates:
Removed Ruby bolt (e) from shops and replaced with Onyx bolt (e) instead.
Void can now be sold back to shops.
Reduced price of current items:
- Vesta's longsword
- vesta's spear
- Primal battleaxe
- Primal rapier
- Zuriel's staff
- Chaotic bow
- Chaotic staff
- Chaotic Maul
- Chaotic long sword
- Chaotic Rapier
- Chaotic kiteshield
- Farseer kiteshield
- Eagle-eye kiteshield
- onyx ring (i)

Donation update:
Players can now donate for donator and bank command tokens, then can trade it with someone ingame.

Range update:
Added Morrigan's throwing axe in game. They can be bought from pk shop. Set of 10 for 5pkt
Reduced dark bow spec damage.
Decreased hand cannon max hit.
Better range max hit formula (please test and report back)

Onyx bolt (e) can now be shot with a rune c'bow.
Onyx bolt (e) effect added. 1/5 change to heal 25% of the damage dealt and doing 20% extra damage.
Diamond bolt (e) effect has 1/5 change to ignore other player's defence

Rank updates:
Zorii promoted to Admin! Congratulation bro, you've done very well and showed your loyalty.
L I M E Y - Promoted to mod, gratz
New MM ranks: will post as soon as Zorii get back to me

New Server Rules:
Following will get you banned:
- Sharing account (both players will be punished)
- Account giveaway (both player will be punished)

  26 Replies | 1,644 Views

New rules

Mar 11, 2016 - 6:30 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
From now on, ill be banning anyone sharing his account along with whoever accepted to do so.
That included taking an account that was given away, if this ever happens, log into the account and change the password to something completely random.

Ill be adding those two rules in the rules thread.

Nuf said.

Edit: Thread updated: http://pkfast.com/showthread.php?24-Server-Rules
  7 Replies | 487 Views

Need ideas to stop scamming

Mar 07, 2016 - 3:36 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
Hi guys, I've been trying to figure out a way to completely stop scamming since it's the #1 reason that's holding the server from growing up and make people rage quit. So if you have an idea (which excludes duel), please suggest it in the comment.

Here's something I thought about:

What if I make it so if you have the red skull (which will be for riskers on next update), people can right-click on you and have the options which says "view inv" or "view equipement" and any player right click on them and see what they have ?

Would that somewhat stop scammers?
  37 Replies | 1,730 Views

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