Recent bank loss

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,

    Just heard about this, I'm still looking and trying to figure out what happened exactly. Will get back to you soon.


    EDIT: The glitch has been fixed, for everyone who lost their bank/got reset, please email me and ill try to help

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    August 3 Updates

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,



    Hi guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently but I also have a life and I want to enjoy it. Ill spare you from the boring stories and get right into the updates.


    Please note, this isn't a full update, more will follow soon, I just have to release what I have so far because I'm tired of all the scamming going on right now.

    If you know me well, you know I've always had bad reactions when people talked about bringing back the duel arena, but the scamming is just not going to stop no matter how much I try.

    So I have decided to re-enable the duel arena, I only ask you one thing, please report any bug you might find.

    I also know how much players love to DDS so I added a dds only option.



    Update List:

    - Duel is back (minigame tele or ::duel) (please report any bug/glitch you may find)
    - Barrows (minigame tele or ::barrow)
    - Better spacing for dfs and veng timer (will take effect tonight):

    - Vesta now has the correct level requirements to wear


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    Server client

    Pk Fast
    By Pk Fast,



    Please restart your Client Launcher to be able to login. If it still doesn't work, please redownload it from here: 


    EDIT: IF you're getting  "This server is being updated", please download the client launcher from here: 

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    • Make PkFast Great Again!
      pmauls and p2h dont need nerfing, they can hit 700s as is korasis shit hc is good don't buff it d hally would be fun g maul needs to be bugfixed before its touched again
    • Make PkFast Great Again!
      these are good suggestions  
    • "Whoever" scamming 4k pot -duel glitch-
      You're family must really hate you. Why are you even on my post? Do you not have a life? P.S I really can't get over how ugly you are, God did you dirty. Fucking cock banger 
    • Make PkFast Great Again!
      REMOVE YOU  cant attack new player price fix all chaotic=300   hc=700-1k    claws=400-500   primal rap 300 bat 300 primal set= 650-700 v set=200       right zorii?
    • Make PkFast Great Again!
      Advertise (even tho that wont happen) Vote shop (which I sent him a million times but cba anymore DDSes spawnable, start with a whip when fresh account Prices of VLS / Prap / Plong / SWH / Vspear: 100? at least 300-500. Buff vspear, SWH, Plong, ags a little bit Nerf the accuracy on the vls a liiittttleee bit Buff void mage a fuckton, it's useless Improve Korasi accuracy by a bit Buff the Pmaul & P2h max hit, keep accuracy as it is Remove: ::pc, ::hero, ::train, ::duel, ::home, ::funpk, ::dh, avatars Add new rares (not that hard to find & implement new ones?) More pkt per killstreak, and bonuses for people killing said person with killstreak I'll add more if i think of shit. Bored