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Day 2
20 Hours Ago 02:00 AM
by pjed
Last post by lewtationz
27 Minutes Ago 10:31 PM
9 Replies 87 Views
Unban me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 Hours Ago 04:32 PM
by joppa
Last post by lewtationz
32 Minutes Ago 10:27 PM
2 Replies 30 Views
Mute appeal
9 Hours Ago 01:25 PM
Last post by zorii
9 Hours Ago 01:27 PM
1 Replies 19 Views
Unban me :(
3 Days Ago 05:34 PM
by Ali
Last post by lewtationz
10 Hours Ago 12:53 PM
2 Replies 66 Views
Unjail by Roze v2
1 Day Ago 05:58 PM
by Roze v2
Last post by lewtationz
10 Hours Ago 12:51 PM
1 Replies 42 Views
For Zorii
10 Hours Ago 12:25 PM
Last post by Psychic seas
10 Hours Ago 12:41 PM
1 Replies 38 Views
1 Day Ago 08:59 PM
by pjed
Last post by zorii
10 Hours Ago 12:06 PM
1 Replies 52 Views
not my loot.
22 Hours Ago 12:47 AM
Last post by zorii
13 Hours Ago 09:13 AM
2 Replies 63 Views
some ked switching...
1 Day Ago 06:59 PM
Last post by zorii
13 Hours Ago 09:10 AM
1 Replies 43 Views
i said i'd make a pk...
23 Hours Ago 11:53 PM
Last post by zorii
14 Hours Ago 08:57 AM
3 Replies 63 Views

Official rule for Scamming/MMing

Aug 15, 2015 - 8:04 PM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
Scams/MMs/Refund explination

So a lot of scams have been going recently and while I said it more than enough, some people still don't understand. So I'm here to make thing clear about scamming/refunding.

I will start by saying the only way to get a refund if you're risking is ONLY if you used a legit MM with the MM rank! Otherwise, there will be no refund!

If however you get scammed (with proof) while using non-mm player, the scammer's account will be BANNED. If you're a scammer, I will get you and ban most of your account no matter how hard you try to hide and xfer the items, believe me.

I hope this clear things up for everyone.
  15 Replies | 396 Views

July 7 Updates

Jul 07, 2015 - 5:28 AM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
July 7 Updates

Sup everyone, another update, mostly fixes. Like I said, we will keep tweaking weapons until everyone's satisfied. Hope this one is good enough. Don't forget to vote, and post suggestions on forums.

Better server stability, less lag
Run glitch should be fixed (Confirmed to be fixed)
Trading has been enabled at dangPk to help riskers
Drops will show for everyone for about 1 minutes if not picked by the killer.
Increased AGS spec damage from 69 to 78
Fixed dds
Increased Abyssal demon and Dark beast drop rate.
Added more dds and fuies to abyssal and dark ebast drop
Can't use crystal bow with dragon bolt (e) anymore.
Fixed HC hand cannon max hit.
Hand cannon shots can now be spawned.
All armadyl NPC can only be attacked with range/magic.
Change password command: Your password cannot exceed more then 20 characters
  27 Replies | 1,054 Views

July 1 Updates: Godwars & more

Jul 01, 2015 - 1:23 AM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
July 1 Updates

Hi guys, this here is a big update in PkFast history. I was looking at edge few days ago and saw a lot of people just standing in edge instead of pking, so I started thinking of ways of promoting pking into this server. My main concern was to increase drop rates for NPC so people can get PK gear faster and hop right into pking without being scared of losing their precious items. There will be more update coming this week possibly with more content and changes and fixes.

- Increased drop rates for the following NPC: Sea troll queen, tormented demon, frost dragon, abyssal demon, dark beast
- Godwars added, you can teleport via magic book: boss teleport
- Armadyl boss + his minnions with all thier drops.
- bandos boss + his minnions with all their drops.
- Zammy boss + his minnions with all thier drops.
- Sara boss + all her minnions with all thier drops.
- All bosses prayer altar working.
- You can now tele to "Sea Troll Queen" without having to pay 25 pkt, it's now free.
- Fixed all attack and death animation for all godwars monsters.
- Decreased dragon scimi max hit
- Removed all NPC normal drops, they now only drop bones as normal drop and ofc the rare drops.
- Removed some items from pk shop and added them as rare drop to abyss demon, dark beast, and godwars NPC
- Queen Sea Troll now hits with range and magic when you're far away.
- New forum section where I will be posting official drop logs for every monster worth killing ingame, link: http://pkfast.com/forumdisplay.php?2...cial-Drop-Logs
- Fixed a bug where prayer points would sometime go under zero

Bandos and his minions drops:

Zammy boss and his minions drops:

Sara boss and her minions:

Admadyl boss and his minions drops:
  28 Replies | 1,087 Views

June 25 Updates

Jun 25, 2015 - 12:41 AM - by Pk Fast
Pk Fast's Avatar
June 25 Updates

Sup guys, so I got a lot of request via Pm end email to bring back the old combat system and the normal eating speed, which at first I didn't want because I know if I do it, you'll come cry again about how everything is over-powered.

Anyway, Ill give it a try and see how it goes, might keep it and might not, depending on how players like it.

Whip drop from abyssal demon increased by 30%
Dbow drop from dark beast increased by 30%
1 new multi boss (Sea Troll Queen) added, you need to pay 25 pk ticket to teleport there (more bosses coming soon)
Note: it's not worth teleporting to boss by yourself, better have a team or it's a waste of pk tickets.
Note 2: To teleport to Boss, click the boss teleport in your magic book
Sea Queen rare drop:

Restored old combat system
Restored old food eating speed
Fixed a bug where player would not be able to walk or eat (still need more testing)
  18 Replies | 1,002 Views

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